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Very high flexibility due to moulded cogs
Excellence transeverse rigidity because of polychloroprene rubber based compund with an-isotropic fibre orientation
Very low stretch due to use of length stable Poly-ester cords prepared with special adhesives
Higher power rating of 30% over wraped belts
Low slip due to better arc of contact and pulley to belt geometry relationship
Energy Savings upto 4% over Flat / Wrapped V-belts

Classical Section Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Higher Power, Longer Life and Energy Saving
Replaces Flat Belts / Wrapped V Belts for advantage

Inside Length
AX 15-150
BX 28-170
CX 28-173

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Wedge Section Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Double advantage of Wedge and Cogged
Makes drives compact, enhances bearing life and gives Energy Saving

Pitch Length
SPZX 550-4500
SPAX 600-4500
SPBX 670-4500
SPCX 2300-4500

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Raw Edge Cogged Belts for Heavy Earth Moving Machinery (HEMM) Applications

Trapezoidal cog profile for better flexibility and durability
Precision molded cogs provide minimum heat built-up
Extra layers of jacket and cord provides gripping action and high coefficient of friction

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Varibale Speed Raw Edge Cogged Belts

Cords specially treated to resist stretch and carry high horse power requirements
Cog design provide flexibility to reduce heat buid-up and minimize cracking
Wide spread ranges and maximum belt life

Section Pitch Length
SPZ 500 - 4500
SPA 500 - 7000
SPB 600 - 12500
SPC 1400 - 17500

Li: Inside Length            Le: Effective Length            Lp: Pitch Length
Size Range Belt Width
Max No
A 42"-150" 15.90 X N 11.0 15.90 6
B 42"-173" 19.30 X N 13.5 19.30 6
B 174"-598" 19.30 X N 13.5 19.30 5
C 62"-120" 25.55 X N 17.5 25.55 4
C 121"-598" 25.55 X N 17.5 25.55 5
3V 420-1500 10.30 X N 10.50 10.30 6
5V 700-1750 17.50 X N 16.00 17.50 6
5V 1760-5980 17.50 X N 16.00 17.50 5
8V 1000-5980 28.58 X N 26.50 28.58 5
SPZ 1270-1700 MM 12.00 X N 10.50 12.00 9
SPC 2500-15200 MM 25.55 X N 16.00 25.55 5

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Variator Belts for LMW Textile Ring Frames

Specially developed for LMW Ring Frames to operate at higher speeds upto 20000 RPM
Available for both models G-5/1 and LR-6 model ring frames of LMW.
(62mm Top Width, 22mm Thickness & 1745mm Li) for G-5/1 model
(70mm Top Width, 22mm Thickness & 1700mm Li) for LR-6 model

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